Early Access Launched!

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Hi everyone,

Today, I sent out the first invites to the early access program for Flexalon Copilot.

Please check your email/spam to see if you got it. The first round is fairly small, so don't be worried if you didn't get an invite yet. I'm planning to send more invites weekly.

I recognize there has been serious turmoil in the Unity space due to the recent pricing changes. I don't yet know how this will affect Virtual Maker investments. Feel free to share your thoughts in the discord chat channels.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up here.

Hoping to hear your feedback soon!


Flexalon Copilot Test Flight

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Hello Makers,

Welcome to the first Flexalon Copilot Test Flight. Every so often, we need to try generating something new to see how Copilot performs.

Today, we generate a quest panel from scratch and refine it. After the test, we'll break down how Copilot performed.

Flight Report

In our testing, Copilot performs more reliably with longer detailed prompts. Here, we make sure to tell Copilot what we're expecting to see:

Create a panel for a quest. It should be centered on the screen and have sections for the title, an image, a description, and a reward. Label the sections.

A good start! Copilot understood that it needs to create a new panel and correctly positioned it in the center of the screen. 'Panel' is one of the prefab types users can define in a Prefab Set for Copilot to instantiate.

Next, we need to see if Copilot can insert some images and text.

Use this image.

We can tell Copilot which image to use either by selecting it or adding it to the "Prompt Context" section of the chat window.

the quest title is "Disturbance at Lake Elad" Make up a description.

And the result...

Pretty good, but we have our first bit of turbulence to sort out. Copilot left in the section headers and made the quest title smaller than those headers. Let's see if it can fix that.

remove the headers for title, image, and description.
add these icons as quest rewards for 100 coins, and the Sword of Magic.
Make the title bigger and bold.
Center the reward text.

Sometimes the request is too ambiguous and Copilot guesses wrong. In this case, it centered the text of each quest reward, rather than the "Reward" title. We could undo (Ctrl-Z) Copilot's changes and try a more specific prompt. Or, we can use the history of the conversation to tell Copilot what we meant.

sorry, I meant the reward section title text.

If you look closely, you'll notice the rewards are not aligned with each other. This is a mistake we couldn't get Copilot to correct, until we dug in to find the issue. Copilot added a margin to the top of the sword reward, thinking the rewards were stacked vertically.

Looks like we still have work to do. In the meanwhile, we can spend 5 minutes manually adjusting the rewards section to look a bit nicer.

That's all for today! Be sure to join us on Discord to tell us what we should try in the next Test Flight.

Sign up for early access

Thanks for reading!


Flexalon Copilot Update

Flexalon Copilot Logo

Hello Makers,

We've been conducting regular flight tests to get Flexalon Copilot ready for early access!

The clouds are clearing, and our first features are coming into focus. I thought it's about time to share a little update.

Here's a brief overview of features coming to early access:

UGUI Support

Flexalon Copilot can generate or modify most built-in UI components. On top of that, you can ask Copilot to position content with anchors or arrange content into horizontal or vertical stacks using Flexalon UI.

Chat Logs

Chat logs are asset files that record your conversation with Copilot. In addition to recording your prompts, Copilot will let you know in detail what was changed in your scene.

Not happy with the results? You can easily undo or retry the last prompt in the chat log.

Prompt Context

You can tell Copilot exactly which gameObjects and assets to focus on by editing the Prompt Context. Your current selection is added to the context automatically.

If you select a button and type *"Make this blue"*, Copilot understands that 'this' means the gameObject you are selecting.

Flexalon Styles

Flexalon Styles are a new easy-to-use asset type that help you achieve consistency in your app. You select fonts, colors, and other properties in one place, and then reuse them in your scenes and prefabs.

What does this have to do with Copilot? Well, you can ask Copilot to use styles in your prompts! This helps Copilot generate consistent looking UI throughout your app.

Prefab Sets

If you tell Flexalon Copilot to *"generate a drop-down menu to select a spell"*, it will use a prefab to instantiate a drop-down menu, and then edit the prefab as requested.

Prefab Sets let you exchange the built-in prefabs for your own, which can have their own appearance and functionality.

Stay Tuned

We'll be elaborating on all of these features in future newsletters.

In the meanwhile, let us know your thoughts and ideas on Discord.

Thanks for reading!

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