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You spend too many hours readjusting your Unity scenes.

Imagine designing your 3D experience with the power of layout.

Design with Superpowers

Flexalon lets you create adaptive 3D layouts that are precise and easy to update.

Use built-in interactions and animations to create:

  • Puzzles, Level Designs, Unit Formations
  • AR / VR / XR Interactions and Interfaces
  • 3D Game UI
  • Cutscenes and Special Effects

3D Grid Layout

Arrange objects in evenly spaced rows, columns, and layers with rectangular or hexagonal cells.

Flexible Layout

Stack objects one after the other with optional wrapping. Think CSS Flexbox in 3D.

Circle Layout

Circle or spiral of objects for a carousel, curved UI, or spinner.

Curve Layout

Create lines and bézier curves of objects by dragging points and tangents. Options to extend infinitely.

Shape Layout

Create a shape pattern with a specified number of sides. Great for formations and crowds.

Random Layout

Randomize position, rotation, and size. Sometimes, you just need to make a mess.


Attach one object to another, even if they are in different hierarchies.


Easily add click and drag interactions to insert, remove, and reorder objects. Supports XR!

Hit the Ground Running

Watch this tutorial to learn the basics.

Download the free Flexalon Template Pack and discover 16 unique ways to use Flexalon.

Effortless Integration:

Flexalon won’t break your existing workflow, and doesn’t have any dependencies. Flexalon will only modify objects with Flexalon Layout Components attached.

You're in Control

Choose if Flexalon should run at edit time, in game, or manually whenever you decide.

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