Flexible Layout

Use a flexible layout to position children linearly along the x, y, or z axis. The sizes of the children are considered so that they are evenly spaced.

Flexible layout with different size children.

Flexible Layout Options

Flexible layout options.
Direction The direction in which objects are placed, one after the other.
Wrap If set, then the flexible layout will attempt to position children in a line along the Direction axis until it runs out of space. Then it will start the next line by following the wrap direction. Wrapping will only occur if the size of the Direction axis is set to any value other than "Layout".
Wrap Direction The direction to start a new line when wrapping.
Align Align the entire layout within the parent size.
Inner Align The inner align property along the Direction axis will change how wrapped lines align with each other. The inner align property along the other two axes will change how each object lines up with all other objects.
Gap Adds a gap between objects on the Direction axis.
Wrap Gap Adds a gap between objects on the Wrap Direction axis.

Hint: Objects in a flexible layout can fill the remaining space by setting their size to "Parent".