Circle / Sprial Layout

Use a circle layout to position children along a circle or spiral.

Circle layout

Circle Layout Options

Circle layout options
Radius Radius of the circle.
Use Width Instead of specifying the radius, this option will match the radius to half of the width determined by the Flexalon Object Component. This can be useful if the size of the circle should be determined by another layout or constraint.
Spiral If checked, positions each object at increasing heights to form a spiral.
Spiral Spacing Vertical spacing between objects in the spiral.
Spacing Type If set to Evenly, the space around the circle is distributed between children. If set to Fixed, the Spacing Degrees property determines the space between children.
Radius Type

If set to Step, the radius is incremented for each child by the Radius Step property. This can be used to create an inward or outward spiral.

If set to Wrap, the radius is incremented each time around the circle. This can be used to create concentric circles of objects.

Start At Degrees By default, the first child will be placed at (radius, 0, 0). Start At Degrees value will add an offset all children around the circle.
Rotate Determines how children should be rotated - None, In to the circle, Out of the circle, Forward along the circle, or Backwards along the circle.
Vertical Align Vertically aligns the layout with the height set by the Flexalon Object Component. For a circle, this will align each individual object in the layout. For a spiral, this will align the entire spiral.

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