Flexalon Pipeline

Flexalon has a sequential pipeline for determining the state of any gameObject. The pipeline runs on each root gameObject that Flexalon is managing and cascades down the tree in each step.

Pipeline Steps

1. Measure: the size of each object in the tree is measured. First the Adapter's Measure function is called to account for any external components. Modify this step by implementing Adapter. Then, the layout's Measure function is called. Create your own layout by inheriting from LayoutBase

2. Arrange: any node in the tree with a layout positions its children. Create your own layout by inheriting from LayoutBase

3. Constrain: Each node applies its constraint.

4. Compute Transforms: The layout results are convered from Layout Space into Unity local space. Any external components that depend on layout results are updated at this step. You can affect how external components are updated by implementing FlexalonAdapter.

5. Update Transforms: The transform updater or animator runs to update the transform position towards the layout results. Create your own animations by implementing TransformUpdater.